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FieldLab Desktop 1.30.0

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Release Notes

Released on June 8th, 2020

Data Logging:

  • New Data Logging functionality for recording data to your PC from multiple Ralston devices
  • Live graphing for multiple devices and sensors

Device Support:

  • Support for Ralston LC20 and LC30 devices
  • Support for Ralston thermal probe pairing for LC20 and LC30 devices
  • Support for modifying display damping settings on Ralston FieldLabs and LC devices


  • Support for recalibration of both sensors on a multi-sensor LC20 or LC30 device
  • Support for temperature recalibration
  • New factory calibration reset feature
  • Support for recalibration over a wireless connection


  • Firmware update bug fixes and improvements
  • Post-update device syncing improvements

Data Sets:

  • Updated data set previews including support for multi-sensor data sets
  • Updated data set exports (CSV and PDF) with graph improvements, additional device and dataset information, and support for multi-sensor data sets

Misc Desktop Improvements:

  • Bug fixes
  • Layout and graphical enhancements