This features requires FieldLab Desktop version 1.24.0 or later. Download the latest version for free.

This feature requires FieldLab Firmware version 1.123 or later. You can update the firmware on a FieldLab by linking it to FieldLab Desktop software with the provided USB cable. Follow this link for Step-by-step instructions for updating FieldLab Firmware.

Before you can run a Test Mode, you must first Create a PSV/PRV Test Mode and add it to the FieldLab. For instructions, see:


Make the proper connections.

Make airtight connections between the FieldLab Pressure, a pressure source, and the PSV/PRV.


To Activate the PSV/PRV Test, Open the Menu ​by pressing the Menu Button.


Select Test Modes from the Menu


Select and Activate the PSV/PRV Test Mode


Once test mode is activated, select Enter Set Point


Input the set pressure for the PSV/PRV being tested using the on-screen keypad

Once you have entered the desired set pressure, select OK in the lower right of the on-screen keypad.


When you are ready to apply pressure to the PSV/PRV, select START LOGGING

When you select START LOGGING, the FieldLab will begin recording the pressure applied to the PSV/PRV and won't stop recording until you press STOP LOGGING.


Gradually increase applied pressure until the valve cracks.


Once the valve cracks and reseats, select STOP LOGGING, and review the test results

Once you press STOP LOGGING, the FieldLab will display the crack and reseat (if detected). You can accept the results, or try to re-log the crack.

Repeat steps 7-9 above for each crack in your test.

If the test you're running has more than one crack defined (Example: 3 cracks), the FieldLab will show you each test result and an average at the end of the test.


(Optional) Run Seat Tight Test. Adjust pressure to desired setting.

If a Seat Tightness Test is included in this Test Mode, it will start immediately after you accept the results of the last crack test. Adjust the static pressure to the desired setting. 

If no seat tight test is included, skip to step 13.


Select Start Test

The FieldLab will begin recording the pressure for the pre-set amount of time entered for the Seat Tight test. You can observe the time remaining on the screen during the duration of the test.


Determine Pass/Fail for the Seat Tight Test

Review the test results on the summary screen, and mark the test accordingly. You can also choose to re-test if you need to make adjustments.


Review All Test Results

At this point, you are done. All of your test data has been saved to a dataset on the FieldLab. You can view the data set, or select OK to return to the main screen.

Once you've completed a test, you can import the Data Sets (test results) to FieldLab Desktop. Instructions for doing so are here: Import Data Sets from FieldLab Pressure to FieldLab Desktop.

Once Data Sets have been imported to FieldLab Desktop, you can export them in .csv format. Instructions for doing so are here: Export Data Sets from FieldLab Desktop.