Note: You may need to perform free updates to your FieldLab and FieldLab Desktop in order to use this feature.

Available for FieldLab Desktop versions 1.10.0 and newer, and FieldLab v1.117 and newer.  

Enter and save important information along with each Data Set by creating custom fields that you can edit directly on the FieldLab. For example: After you complete a test on the FieldLab, you can add the serial number of the device you tested, name of the technician who performed the work, work order number, etc.

Once saved, the information will be conveniently bundled alongside all the test data for future reference.

Create Custom Fields


Go to the "FieldLab Desktop" in the menu bar and select "Preferences".


Under the "Test Modes" heading, select "Edit" in Custom Data Fields.


Add the Custom Data Field

Select "New" and add the Name of the Custom Data Field. Save after you finish entering all fields.


Assign Custom Fields to a Test Mode

Under the "Test Modes" main heading, create or edit the Data Logging Test Mode, select the fields under "Data Fields" and press save.



Add the Test mode to the FieldLab

Add the Test Mode to the FieldLab. If it has already been added, Sync it so that it has the latest version of the updated Test Mode.

How to Add Test Modes to a FieldLab
How to Sync Test Modes