Select location

Select a location to mount the solar panel that is south-facing and close enough to the FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure that the power cord will reach and can be connected.


Mount the Solar Panel

Mount the to a pole or wall.

Mount to a pole

Secure the panel to a pole with the provided u-bolt and nuts.


Mount to a wall

Secure the panel to a wall with lag screws. 

ΒΌ", 6.35mm Diameter Max


Remove the plug from the pre-drilled hole on the bottom left side of the FieldLab Enclosure.

Unscrew the plug bolt to open the hole for the solar panel power cable on the bottom-left side of the enclosure.


Run power cable through bottom of enclosure

NOTE: If you are required to use conduit, then run the wire in conduit, wire tray or other means into the FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure. Refer to all pertinent electrical codes. Otherwise, install liquid-tight with wires from solar panel into enclosure.


Secure the Bulkhead

Thread the the bulkhead screw over the red & black wires and screw it finger-tight onto the threads of the bulkhead. 


Attach Power and Ground Wires

Connect the power and ground wires to the terminal and secure them by tightening the screw for each with a screwdriver. Use the wiring diagram inside the enclosure as a guide.