This article applies to the following devices:

Things you will need: 

  • A PC running Windows. 
  • FieldLab Desktop software version 1.30.0 (or later) installed on your PC. Download the latest version for free.
  • One or more (up to five) FieldLab, Ralston Field Gauge, or Process Meter.
  • If using a FieldLab, it will need firmware version 1.126 or later.
  • Field Gauge LC10, LC20, and Process Meters will need firmware version 1.008 or later.
  • USB Cord provided with your Fieldlab device.
  • Wireless dongle if you want to connect wirelessly.

Establish wireless or USB connections between FieldLab Desktop and the FieldLabs/Field Gauges.


Select "Data Logging" in FieldLab Desktop.


Select the process variables you want to log

Connected devices will appear at the top of the list in bold. Select the check box next to each one you want to include in the log session. You can add up to five devices to the log session.


Select 'Add to log session' once you have selected your devices.


Review and customize the log session Settings (optional).

Select the Settings button to review and customize the following settings for your logging session:

  • Pressure Units
  • Temperature Units
  • Session Duration

Start logging


Entire Log

Setting the Graph View selection to "Entire Log" will show all the graph data from the time you started logging.

Graph View: Entire Graph


When you select "Scrolling", only the most recent graph data will be shown, and older graph data will scroll off the left side of the screen as time progresses. 

You can use the slider tool at the bottom of the screen to scroll back and view older graph data.


Stop Logging

Select the Stop Logging button to stop saving data to your computer. Live graph data will continue to be visible.


View and export data from the logging session

Select Data Sets to view the saved data from your log sessions.

You can view and export your data sets in .pdf or .csv formats from this screen. For full instructions, go to the support article: Export Data Sets from FieldLab Desktop.