Download the latest version of FieldLab Desktop for your computer here:

Note: Once you link to a new PC running FieldLab Desktop, all configuration, software updates, Test Modes and harvesting of Data Sets will be performed on the new PC you are linking to. You can always link to another PC in the future, at which time all settings will be controlled by the new PC.

Linking to a new PC will:

  • Erase all Test Modes previously installed on the FieldLab by another computer. The erased Test Modes can always be re-added by the prior user once they re-link it to their computer.
  • All Data Sets already saved to the FieldLab will be accessible for import by the new computer you are linking to.

With FieldLab Desktop application open on your computer, connect your FieldLab device to your laptop with the provided USB cable.


Power On your FieldLab by holding down the Power button for five seconds.


Click ‘Link a FieldLab’ on your FieldLab Desktop application and follow the on-screen instructions