This article applies to Ralston Field Gauge LC10, all models.

Things you will need: 

  • A PC running Windows. 
  • Fieldlab Desktop software version 1.24 or later installed on your PC. Download the latest version for free.
  • A Ralston Instruments Field Gauge.
  • USB Cord, provided with your Field Gauge.

Download and install the latest version of FieldLab Desktop.

You will need FieldLab Desktop version 1.24 or later. Download the latest free version, here.


Open the FieldLab Desktop app on your computer.


Connect the Field Gauge to your computer with the provided USB Cable.


Power on the Field Gauge by holding down the Power button for three seconds.


FieldLab Desktop app will present a “Found a new gauge” screen. Select the “Get Started!” button.


FieldLab Desktop will ask you if you’d like to link this Field Gauge. Select the button “Link to this PC”.


Confirm that you want to link by selecting the button “Link to this PC”.


Once the linking process is complete, select the button “Done”.


You can now manage your Field Gauge settings, log data to your computer, and update firmware with FieldLab Desktop.