This article applies to Field Gauge LC10, all models.


1. Power. Press and hold to power on/off.
2. LCD display.
3. High/Low/Reset. Tap to view high, and low. Press and Hold to reset High/Low.
4. Units. Tap to change engineering units.
5. Zero. Press and Hold to Zero 
6. Backlight.
7. Pressure or Temperature Range.
8. Pressure or Temperature Sensor.


8. Sensor.
9. Micro USB port. Connect to FieldLab Desktop or power your Field Gauge with AC Power with the provided USB cord.
10. Warning label.
11. Battery access door.
12. Pressure equalizing vent.

LCD display

1. Battery indicator.
2. Graphical pressure/temperature meter.
3. USB connected symbol. Displays when connected to FieldLab Desktop or another FieldLab device.
4. Check mark to indicate success.
5. High and low arrows.
6. Main pressure/temperature display.
7. Secondary display. Displays engineering units and additional messaging.