This article applies to all Ralston Field Gauge LC10 models.

Things you will need to change displayed units on a Field Gauge:

  • A Ralston Instruments Field Gauge LC10.

Things you will need to Add or Remove engineering units to the Field Gauge.

  • A PC running Windows. 
  • FieldLab Desktop software version 1.24 or later installed on your PC. Download the latest version for free.
  • A Ralston Instruments LC10 Field Gauge.
  • USB Cord, provided with your Field Gauge.

Change pressure or temperature engineering units displayed on Field Gauge.


Power on the Field Gauge


Tap the Units Button

Each time you tap the Units Button, the engineering units applied to the displayed pressure or temperature will change to the next available unit installed on your Field Gauge.

All Field Gauges ship with most globally recognized engineering units pre-installed. 

You can add or remove pressure engineering units to the Field Gauge with FieldLab Desktop software. Instructions for doing so are below in this article.

You cannot add or remove temperature engineering units from a Field Gauge. All LC10 Field Gauges with temperature probes ship with °F, °C, K, and °R permanently installed.

Add or Remove pressure engineering units on a Field Gauge.


Download and install the latest version of FieldLab Desktop, if you haven’t already.

You will need FieldLab Desktop version 1.24 or later. Download the latest version for free.


Open FieldLab Desktop.


Connect Field Gauge to your computer with provided USB Cord.


Power on Field Gauge.


Select the Field Gauge you wish to administer on the Devices screen in FieldLab Desktop


Select the Settings Tab


In the Engineering Units module, select the button titled “Change”.


Add and/or remove pressure units from the Field Gauge as desired.


If you have created one or more custom pressure engineering units, you can select up to two to add to the Field Gauge.

Field Gauge can hold two custom engineering units at a time. 

Learn how to create custom engineering units
Once you create a custom engineering unit, you can apply it in tests and pressure measurement on your Ralston Instruments devices.


When finished, select the button titled ‘Save Changes’ to update the settings on the Field Gauge.