This article applies to the following devices:

  • Field Gauge LC10 equipped with a temperature sensor.

Things you will need: 

  • A PC running Windows. 
  • FieldLab Desktop software version 1.28 or later installed on your PC. Download the latest version for free.
  • A Ralston Instruments Field Gauge equipped with temperature sensor.
  • USB Cord, provided with your Field Gauge.
  • A reference device with a temperature probe that is (recommended) at least 4 times more accurate than the Field Gauge.
  • A temperature source that can be adjusted from -22°F to 302°F (-30°C to 150°C), and allows the temperature probes of both the Field Gauge and the reference device to be connected to; or immersed within.

Connect the Field Gauge and reference to the same temperature source.


Connect Field Gauge to a PC running FieldLab Desktop with the provided USB cord.


Power on the Field Gauge if you have not done so already.


Select the Field Gauge you want to calibrate from the Devices screen in FieldLab Desktop


In the Sensors Tab for the Field Gauge, select Recalibrate this Field Gauge.


Select Recalibrate this Field Gauge


Select the temperature units you want to use for the calibration process


Adjust the temperature source to the indicated Min Point. -22.00 °F (-30.00 °C).


When the live reading on the reference device indicated you have reached the target Min Point temperature, select the "Log Reading" button.

If you cannot get the reference device to the exact Min Point temperature, that's ok. Simply adjust the temperature source to get the reference device to read as close as possible to the reference point, and then manually enter what the reference device reading is in the Reference Reading field.


Review the reference and Field Gauge readings. If you are satisfied with the logged readings for the Min Point, select the button titled "Up Next, Mid Point".

Repeat steps 8, 9, and 10 each of the remaining reference points.


Once you have logged the Min, Mid, and Max Points, select the Make Adjustments button.

When you click the Make Adjustments button, FieldLab Desktop will use the information provided to recalibrate the Field Gauge.


Set the Next Calibration Date


Save Changes so that the next calibration date will be recorded on your Field Gauge and in FieldLab Desktop.


Select Exit to return to the Overview screen for your Field Gauge.


You should now have a reliably calibrated Field Gauge until the next scheduled recalibration date.