Note: You may need to perform free updates to your FieldLab and FieldLab Desktop in order to use this feature.

Available for FieldLab Desktop versions 1.10.0 and newer, and FieldLab v1.117 and newer.

Update Firmware
Update FieldLab Desktop

Enter and save important information along with each Data Set by creating custom fields that you can edit directly on the FieldLab. For example: After you complete a test on the FieldLab, you can add the serial number of the device you tested, name of the technician who performed the work, work order number, etc.

Once saved, the information will be conveniently bundled alongside all the test data for future reference.

To use Custom Data Fields, they must first be added to the Test Mode. Learn how, here: Add Custom Data Fields to a Test Mode.


Perform the Test

On the FieldLab, activate a Test Mode with a Custom Data Field on the gauge and perform the test.

Learn how to Activate a Test Mode on your FieldLab.


View and edit the Data Set

After the test is complete, view the Data Set containing the data from the test you just performed. You can view the custom fields you assigned to the Test Mode here. In this example the custom field label, Serial Number, is visible with a blank placeholder for the data to be entered. To add info to the custom data field, select Edit.


Select the Custom Data Field you wish to edit from the list.


Input the information using the on-screen keypad.


Select “OK” to save.


View the Custom Data Field

The information will be saved in the Data Set along with your test data. You can view the saved info in the Data Set on the FieldLab, on FieldLab Desktop (once the Data Set is imported), and in the Exported Data Set file.